Vacation Rental Management

Vacation Rental Management

Vacation Rental

Horizon Realty has almost 20 years of vacation rental management experience.  Many of our clients prefer to rent their furnished properties for nightly, weekly or monthly vacation use as opposed to long-term use.  This allows them the freedom to use their unit for personal vacations throughout the year.

We recognize that vacation rental management requires special attention to the unique details of renting a furnished home with a high turnover rate.  Many owners prefer not to be hassled with the work involved in advertising, responding to inquiries, booking reservations, collecting rent, transient occupancy tax (TOT) and deposits, and arranging for cleaning service.  For many out-of-the-area owners, the logistics are simply impossible.

Our vacation rental management includes the following services:

  • Advertising
  • Responding to inquiries
  • Booking reservations
  • Collecting rent and security deposits
  • Arranging for cleaning service
  • Inspecting units
  • Refunding deposits
  • Preparing monthly and annual statements
  • Responding to emergency calls
  • Collecting & forwarding transient occupancy tax (TOT)

Click here to learn about our full-time rental property management services.

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